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Battuta di Fassona - Veal Tartare (80 gr.) - fr. 11.50
Veal tartare prepared with an autochtone meat from Piedmont flavoured
with salt, pepper, lemon and olive oil extra

Cured Ham 22 months "Dorth 1931" (100gr.) - fr. 17.-
The Dorth Familiy is a 4 generation of butcher from San Daniele area. Their ham is produced with 1st quality meat respecting original recipe. Their master butcher Luigi has been reward several times as best italian salumiere"

A ham with an unique taste...

Antipastino della Casa - fr. 21.-
Tasting of our specialities (crusty dumpling made of potatoes and fish,
artichoke salad with smoked ricotta cheese, cured ham, bruschetta, caprese and grissini)

Caprese di Bufala - fr. 17.50
Bufalo mozzarella, datterini tomatoes, basil and extra vergin olive oil

Carpaccio di Manzo "Classico" - fr. 17.50 / fr. 25.50
Thin slices of raw beef, rucola, grana padano chips, olive oil, lemon juice and capers

Gamberi del Lago al Pastis e Purè di Melanzane - fr. 15.-
Crayfish with Pastis, eggplant caviar, stracciatella from Lausanne, rucola and basil pesto
Crocchete del Mare e del Orto - fr. 14.-
Crusty dumplings made of potatoes and fish, served with sweet and sour sauce

 Fritto Misto - fr. 18.50
 Fried fishes and shellfishes, lemon and tartare sauce

Tartare di Tonno e Mango - fr. 19.-
Red tuna tartare with sesam seeds, chopped mango perfumed with fresh mint,
served with toasted bread

Clams with Chili, Garlic and Parsley - fr. 19.50
Served with grilled bread and french fries


* * *



Insalata verde - fr. 7.50
Green salad


Insalata mista di Stagione - fr. 9.50
Season salad mix


Insalata al Spadone di Treviso DOP - fr. 19.-
 Sweet salad from Treviso DOP, bacon, croutons, poached egg, seeds


Insalata "Rouvenaz" - fr. 20.-
 Mesclun salad mix, bufalo mozzarella, tomatoes, chicken, egg, croutons


  Insalata "Oceanica" - fr. 19.50
Shrimps, mussels, squids, cuttlefish grilled served on a season salad mix


Insalata tiepida con Quinoa e Verdure - fr. 17.-
Salad of quinoa saffron perfumed with vegetable (tepid)


* * *


Zuppe - Soups

Zuppa di Pesce - fr. 13.-
Fish soup served with croûtons and rouille sauce 
Minestrone di Verdure - fr. 13.-
Vegetables minestrone

* * *

I Bambini

Only for children under 12 years


Pizza Bambino - fr. 11.-
Tomato, mozzarella
Pizza Pulcinella - fr. 12.-
Tomato, mozzarella, ham
Penne al Pomodoro - fr. 11.-
 Tomato sauce
 Nuggets di Pollo - fr. 12.50
  Chicken nuggets with french fries and ketchup
 Fettina di Manzo alla Griglia - fr. 17.50
Beef grilled steak, french fries

* * *

Paste e Risotti



Pasta Classica

Spaghetti con Datterini e Basilico - fr. 23.-
Tomato sauce, datterini tomatoes and basil
Penne all'Arrabbiata - fr. 23.-
Tomato sauce, olives, garlic and hot pepper
Spaghetti alla Carbonara - fr. 24.50
Egg, bacon and grana padano
Fusilli Rouvenaz - fr. 24.50
Lightly creamy tomato sauce, chicken, basil 
 Spaghetti alle Vongole - fr. 27.-
Clams, white wine

Spaghetti allo Scoglio  - fr. 27.50
Seafood, tomato sauce
Fusilli del Ghiottone - fr. 25.-
Artichokes, mushrooms, olives and pesto
* * *


Our fresh Pasta made in our laboratory

"Tempo di Pasta" at La Rouvenaz

Tagliatelle con Crema di Cime di Rapa e Cacio - fr. 26.-
Tagliatelle with cime di rapa cream, cacio cheese, datterini tomatoes and pine nuts
Ravioli ai Porcini con Spinaci e Salsa Tartufata - fr. 24.50
Ravioli stuffed with boletus, sauce truffle perfumed, sage butter sauce
Datterini Ricotta e Spinaci, Burro di Salvia - fr. 24.50
Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinaches, sage butter sauce
Tagliatelle con Cicale di Mare, Datterino e Basilico - fr. 28.50
Tagliatelle with slipper lobster, datterino tomato and basil
Ravioli alle Fave con Pesce Spada - fr. 26.-
Ravioli stuffed with broad beans, swordfish dices
Ravioloni al Nero con Guazzeto di Pomodoro alle Vongole - fr. 26.-
Big ravioli made with squid ink stuffed with fish, served with
 a guazzeto of tomato and clams
Lasagne gratinate all'Emiliana - fr. 24.-
Home made lasagne, beef meat
 Spaghetti alla Chitarra "Tricolori" - fr. 24.-
fresh pasta, datterini tomatoes, bufalo mozzarella, basil,
hot peper, garlic, olive oïl and grana padano
* * *


Risotto allo Scoglio (Seafood) - fr. 27.50
Risotto al Spadone di Treviso DOP - fr. 26.-
Late sweet salad from Treviso DOP
 * * *


Rouv'burger -  fr. 28.-
 Bun, selected minced swiss beef, sauce made with chives and mushrooms, Raclette cheese,
iceberg salad, pepper pancetta, fried onions served with french fries
Tartare di Manzo Classico (180gr) - fr. 29.50
Beef tartar served with a parmesan biscuit, salad, toasts and french fries
Osso Bucco con Porcini e Legumi - fr. 38.-
Veal osso bucco, boletus and vegetable sauce accompanied by mashed potatoes


Le nostre Carni alla griglia / our grill 

Filetto di Manzo (beef filet) ~ 200 gr. - fr. 46.-


Tagliata di Manzo ~ 200 gr. - fr. 39.-

Sliced beef rib steak


Châteaubriand (min. 2 pers.)  ~ 600 gr. - p/pers. fr. 45.-

served on a hot stone 



Salse / Our Sauces 

Café de Paris / Bearnaise Sauce / Green Pepper


Contorni / Side dishes

French fries / Basmati rice / Homemade mashed Potatoes


All our meats are accompanied by season vegetables, 

on choice : one sauce and one side dish

Supplement : fr. 6.-




Clams with Chili, Garlic and Parsley - fr. 38.-
Served with grilled bread and french fries


Pesce misto alla Plancha - p/pers. fr. 40.-

(min. 4 pers.) ( 4 sorts)
Mix grilled fishes, olive oil, lemon, accompanied by basmati rice and season vegetables

La Peverada - fr. 40.-
 Typical dish of the Adriatic made up of mussels, clams, shrimps, small cuttlefishes,
squids, langoustine served with garlic croutons
Tagliata di Tonno in Crosta di Pistacchio - fr. 40.-
Heart of tuna with a crust of pistacchio, served with fennel purée, tapenade
of taggiasche olives and dried tomatoes, mini vegetables
Filetto di Branzino all'Eoliana - fr. 40.-
Fried of sea bass, clams and mussels, sauce made of fresh herbs, agrumes, capers
and pine nuts, served with mini vegetables and basmati rice
* * * 

I Dolci della Rouvenaz

Tirami Su - fr. 11.-

Cuore caldo al Cioccolato con Gelato - fr. 13.-
Homemade warm chocolate moelleux with one scoop of ice cream

Ananas Caramelizzato e Frutto della Passione
con Gelato al Cocco - fr. 12.-
Caramelized pineapple and passion fruit with coconut ice cream
Pizza Dolce Nutella - fr. 12.50
Sweet pizza with Nutella

Coppa di Frutta fresca con Zabaione al Moscato e
Maracuja leggermente gratinata 
- fr. 13.-
Fresh fruit salad with zabaione cream and passion fruit, lightly gratinated
Panna Cotta ai Frutti di Bosco - fr. 11.-
Panna cotta with forest fruit coulis
Café Gourmand - fr. 13.-
Coffee along with Gruyère double cream, apple pie
and a scoop of homemade ice cream

* * *

Rouvenaz's Artigianal Ice Creams

Il gelato come si deve! 

Nosti grusti / Our tastes 

  fr. 4.- per scoop
fr. 1.50 suppl. Chantilly
Cioccolato / Chocolate
Fragola / Strawberry
Vaniglia / Vanilla
Nocciola / Noisette
Caffè / Coffee
Pistacchio / Pistachio
Cuore di Panna / Heart of Cream
Limone / Citron
Cocco / Coconut
Yogurt Frutti di Bosco / Forest Fruit Yoghurt

The Ice Cream Cups

 Coppa La Rouvenaz - fr. 14.-
Composed your Rouvenaz's cup with four tastes of your choice
Coppa caffé glacé - fr. 14.-
Coffee ice cream, coffee, chantilly cream, chocolate sauce, biscuit
Coppa Vodka Lemone - fr. 14.-
Lemon sorbet, vodka
Coppa Classica Danimarca - fr. 14.-
Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, chantilly cream
VAT 7.7 % incl.
Credit card are accepted from fr. 30.-
We wish you a good appetite ! 





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